Sunday, June 13, 2004

Special Treatment?

Was last Tuesday's DUI stop the first time Huggins has been stopped by police? The Enquirer is reporting that comments from the police indicated that it was not the first time police had stopped him for erratic driving. With news like this I have to laugh back at comments I heard on Saturday from Andy Furman who opined about the treatment of Huggins. He wondered if a history professor would get the kind of attention that Huggins arrest got. Furman was playing the PR agent for Huggins, trying to blame this on the media, on the college, and on everyone else who does not get what it is like to be Bob Huggins. He wants Huggins to be treated just like everyone else. Well, if he were treated like everyone else, "Furball," then his ass would be in jail now for a getting a second DUI instead of being let off the first time. His fame got him a pass. He will likely get a pass from his fans, who only want to win. He will get equal treatment from society, when he starts getting the same treatment as everyone else, not special celebrity get of jail free cards.

I give credit to the local media for covering this story. Huggins has not been Mr. Popular, outside of WLW, but has a fan base that care more about National Championships, than they do graduation rates. This guy should be fired. He was reportedly drinking with the families of recruits, almost certainly with the kids their too. That is not a role model, that is a man breaking the rules for wins. If UC wants to break the dirt stain that is their basketball program's reputation, they better start with a new head coach.

"Don't do this to me." Huggins did it to himself. He is lucky he did not do it anyone else, then not even the boosters could get him off.

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