Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Club Clau Hype

As trends go, Cincinnati is to chic as Zoot Suits are to fashion. CiN Weekly is trying to buck the trend and likely help Club Clau boost its profits by keeping the hype alive, but making it a little more accessible to the timid West Chester 28 year olds still chicken to come downtown.

I have never been to Club Clau and I doubt I will ever go. The reason I would go would be for a woman, but I hope I that any woman I date would not have the desire to go "clubbing" very often. Ok, enough of the personal.

Interesting trivia reported by Cin is that Clau is an acronym which stands for "Change Lies Ahead of Us." Club Clau does get credit for doing well, when you get listed as one of the best bars in the world you have done something right.

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  1. I'm from New York City and go to Clau often when returning to my hometown. I encourage you to save some cash and go down there some night that you are looking to have a memorable time. You don't have to be a clubber or even looking to hook-up, just be out to have fun. You'll be glad you did.


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