Thursday, June 10, 2004

Translating Bronson

If you want to know what Peter Bronson is saying in his column How to get 'creative': Help middle class I am here to help translate.

Bronson is saying: Fuck the liberals, Fuck the City, give all the money to white suburbs, Let the gays rot in hell.

Peter Bronson is going beyond conservativism, his attacks on the creative class and intellectualism is creating a new round of reactionary dogma that needs a new name. I would call it 'Leave it to Beaver' syndrome, but that might be a copyright problem. His level of running in place for Jesus is really holding back society. If people really agree with Bronson then our society is heading toward a repeat of what hit Islam during the middle ages, stagnation. Islamic/Arabic culture did not significantly progress for about 500 years. That seems to Bronson's goal. Well, that and conformity of every element of life, until we are all just milquetoast residents of the Great West Chester Metropolitan Area.

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