Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Altman Out as QCF Editor

As of July 5th Michael D. Altman will no longer be Editor in Chief of Queen City Forum Magazine. In an email Steve Fritsch, Publisher of QCF, states:
Due to Mr. Altman's removal as Editor in chief, QCF will be searching to fill his position to join newly appointed editors Jack L. Klinger and Daniel Brown on the Executive Editorial Board. In particular, however, we will be looking to fill the editor role with a liberal-minded individual, in an effort to keep balanced political perspectives on "the Board."
The Reasons given for the removal center on the changes to the board with the addition of Brown and Klinger in relation to Altman.

This change comes as a shock to me. I felt that both Fritsch and Altman worked well together and shared a similar view on what the magazine should be. I wonder what direct this will take QCF. Will it move to the right? Steve's email indicates he wants to keep a balance, but that will depend on whom he chooses. For the record, I am not interested.

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