Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Torn, Very Torn

In reading Peter Bronson's column today I am very torn. I agree with some of his attack on city council for botching the whole 'Cops!' episode, but his defense and worship of the Cincinnati Police really is sickening.
The Police Division would have had final approval for anything put on the air, he said. Cops is unabashedly pro-police.

Maybe that's the real problem. Before the plug was pulled, Lt. Col. Richard Janke said, "It's a chance to reverse the very negative image the media have shown of Cincinnati police." He wondered if council members "are actually afraid the Police Division will look good."
You know Peter, I could say the same thing about embedded journalists in the Iraq war. Or better yet, I could say 'Cops!' is to CPD as FOX News is to the Bush War in Iraq.

'Cops!' would show a one sided image of the police here in Cincinnati. That is a political statement. It should not have to be, but the police union has made it one. Fangman and Bronson do more to hurt police-community relations than any councilperson or drug dealer could do. Both men create an "us vs. them" mentality with a goal of dividing the city with hopes that Republicans can gain power.

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