Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Cincinnati Expands Hate-Crime Ordinance
The vote was 7-2. The usual suspects voted against it. The CCV and the bigot brigade will likely sue the city. I have to ask them the same question I asked Peter Bronson. If you don’t want special protection for gays, then why do you accept special treatment for the religious? If a “hate crime” based on religious bigotry is a valid motive to consider in punishment, then why not homosexuality? Under their twisted logic both are a matter of choice. Why are they not calling for the repeal of the entire ordinance 908-3? The answer appears simple to me. They are hypocrites and bigots. They want to oppress gays because of their religion’s “footnotes.” The CCV is a plague on the Cincinnati community, but a large number of citizens are being willing infected with their hateful fascist propaganda.

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