Thursday, February 27, 2003

Police union to challenge Owensby firings, suspensions
This is not a big shock but when Roger Webster says, "We stand behind these guys 100 percent," one can't just be taken aback with a total lack of concern for what happened. The case of Mr. Owensby was different to all of the other cases trumpeted by over reaching activists back in 2001 after the riots. The Ownsby case was what even Bill Cunningham called "troubling." Mr. Webster's role is to defend his police officers, but it should not be to defend them no matter the circumstances. The two officers, who were fired, clearly should have been fired. Both men should just pack it in and not appeal it. If they do, all it does it create more grief for them, the image of the FOP, and the City. Cut your losses Mr. Webster, don't pick fights you can't and should not win.

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