Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Bronson: Victims should all be equal
Peter admits the issue at hand here:
So why is City Council starting another culture war to make some victims feel more special?
The bottom line is that Peter and his fellow conservatives do not like homosexuals. Peter and friends, like the CCV, use their religion's minor references to persecute homosexuals. Peter and fellow fundamentalist Christians constantly cry about religious bigotry, even though they have as much religious bigotry as anyone else, if not more, yet Peter doesn’t have the courage to call for the City to ends its "Politically correct 'affirmative action' for some groups of crime victims" by revoking the current hate crime ordinance that gives "preferential" treatment to people based on their religion. Those without religion are fair game to be hated, or those religions not considered religions by pious politicians and self-righteous clergy. If Peter wants to avoid special treatment, then give up his special rights for the religious. Also, when Phil Burress moves back into the city, then his theocratic fascist hate group can sue the city. I for one prefer to keep the bigots out of the city, so Phil…stay in the burbs.

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