Friday, February 21, 2003

At Least 39 Killed in Fire at Rhode Island Club
A horrible tragedy, but it appears that either the Band or the club owners will be held responsible. Criminal charges should be made. This far exceeds the 1979 "Who tragedy" where 11 people were trampled to death. Festival seating did not cause this type of problem. I hope this event is not used as a sensational example that is exploited by anyone, like concert safety fanatics or whole black activist gang who will cry foul if this event does not get treated in the media the way the night club tragedy in Chicago was treated.

Video from the club showing the starting of fire was very haunting to view. I am surprised that video was show by TV News. There surely are people who are shown in the video who died or are seriously wounded. It would be very unsettling to watch that video this soon if I had friends or family who had lost their lives.

The local event this most relates to is the Bevery Hills Supper Club Tragedy where 165 people where killed in a fire in the club.

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