Friday, February 07, 2003

Jay Love – Week in Review on 1230 the Buzz Notes:

Jay Love took a bold step by indirectly referring to Kabaka Oba as a racist. He strongly chided the “Delegate” from the Black Fist for Oba’s recent comments on WLW-AM. Jay indicated that Oba mocked Black History Month, and felt this was especially bad while doing so on what Jay called a “Caucasian station” that he claims regularly mocks blacks. What a position to take: attack racist blacks while still attacking “whites.” I would consider this as an example of the Bill Clinton/Dick Morris triangulation method applied on a micro level. In this case it applies to gaining credibility and listeners instead of votes, but both stem from the same general human motivations.

“Give me liberty or give me death” was said by Patrick Henry, not Alexander Hamilton as Jay incorrectly indicated.

The caller “Lumpy” is considered to be a racist because he thinks that blacks have the same opportunity that he does. He used the same type of sarcasm, by saying whites are happy the Jazz fest is no more, as Jay does and he is labeled as a racist. “Lumpy” might be a cultural bigot, but he is not a racist. I think Jay and company need to stop using racism like a blanket label of all whites who oppose their views. If you are against quotas or “Affirmative Action”, you are not automatically a racist.

Jay is having a big day beating down the boycotters with another tongue lashing of the “Rebel Rouser.” More triangulation: beat down “Lumpy” and “Rebel Rouser” both in one day. Jay is playing both “sides” like a Stradivarius.

Jay indicated that the CBUF is working on documenting all incidents of police brutality. Why should I trust them? If these incidents are happening, then why are they not being reported? Why does the CBUF not start their own blog and report them unfiltered to the world?

“Harrison” said “Why does this boycott have to be so exact?” Could this be a better example what the boycott is all about and why will never end? “Harrison” illustrated a couple of popular notions in the black community: purpose through anger and revenge on “whites”. Jay said it best about “Harrison’s” comments: “some ideas should just die.”

The Nation of Islam, a known hate group, has no business being sanctioned by any mainstream educational institution by allowing its facilities to be used for a propaganda meeting for the group. Jay says this shows the school is failing be diverse, when the group itself is anti-Jewish. Most non-black Muslims see a large distinction between Islam and the Nation of Islam.

John Schlagetter was not able to raise the issue of Jay’s bigotry against homosexuals on the air, but it appears they talked about it either before the show or during the breaks. The Jazz festival issue kept the callers happy, so other issues did not get the play needed.

I will try to lay off Jay for a while, but the more his bigotry rises to surface, the more I will have to rebut the ignorance he professes.

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