Sunday, February 23, 2003

Gay-rights group to push partners registry for ballot
If John Cranley and David Crowley want to really help gays and homosexuals, then lets seem them support an ordinance in Cincinnati creating a "domestic partner registry." This registry would allow for all couples, homosexual or heterosexual, to register with the City as a couple who are living together as a domestic couple. This registry would allow a means for people to gain access to see domestic partners in hospitals where only "family" is admitted. It also might create a means where other similar accommodations made to traditional married couples might be extended to those who are part of the domestic partner registry. This registry is not in my opinion the best solution for discrimination against gay marriage, but it might be a means that under current law could not be touched. The state of Ohio should legalize Gay Marriage or create a Civil Union provision allowing for equal levels of right for homosexuals to live in a domestic partnership as any other couple might.

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