Saturday, February 22, 2003

One World Politics?
Much of the dispute over the Bush Administration's impending war on Iraq has rested on and been exasperated by Bush's overall international policies. He has been forging a policy that most analysts would concur is a neo-conservative one, stemming from a modification of Reaganite Cold War dogma. Most of the anti-war movement is in many people's opinions just an anti-Bush reaction. I tend to agree that a large part of the anti-war movement is based on politics. Their mantra would be that Bush is the enemy in politics, so all of his polices should be opposed. This is an idea that is not just in one country. It is common in most of Europe and a large part of the rest of the world.

On the other side the biggest supporters of the War are taking a similar stance. They are condemning those protesting in the same manner that most debate from conservatives make calling everyone either liberal, socialists, or communists, usually interchanging the words.

Is this event a sign of the Internationalization of politics? Through much of history geo-politics did not have huge political ideologies attached to them. The old American adage states that politics ends at our shores. Now we are moving to transnational progressives and evangelical Christians as the fault line of international politics that do not draw the line of belief at a nation's border. Is this a first step towards a real world government? The UN is not much of a government, but with he move of the EU to federalize, will this time be seen as the beginning of a real Planet Wide Central Government? I do not have a clue what form or what power it would have, but is this the beginning of its formation? Are we creating political alliances based on political party to political party, instead of nation to nation? A single planet government will eventually happen here on Earth. It might take another 500 years, but it will happen. I wonder if the Iraq UN crisis will be seen as an example of the first real act of a central world government? So many questions, and so few answers.

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