Thursday, February 06, 2003

Density of the Grey Matter (The Talk Radio Host as a Bigot)
Jay Love of 1230 the Buzz cleared up a few things today. He is against a "hate crimes" ordinance covering sexual preference. He thinks homosexuality is a "choice." He thinks Gays/Lesbians are not born homosexual. He stated, “Being a homosexual is deviant behavior.” Jay is obviously ignorant and a bigot. I have commented previously about his anti-gay stances, but he has let them loose today for all to hear. Jay is often a sensible person, but his clearly misinformed stances are signs of indoctrination from a bigoted community. Hypocrisy is a bigger issue for Jay to swallow. When is Jay going to call for the repeal of the provision of the "hate crimes" ordinance covering religion? Is Jay saying you are born with your religion? Most Christians believe you choose to believe in your religion, and they regularly try to convert people. Why is Jay contradicted? Answer: He fears a gay man hitting on him, so he can rationalize the inconsistency.

It might just be an act. Jay might just be playing the shock Jock radio talking head. He might be Jonesing for conflict, which I all to willingly give him. I guess my skepticism is just not paranoid leaning enough to see an ulterior motive. I think Jay is honestly stating his views on homosexuality. I am disappointed at his stance, but I am not surprised.

I wish his pigheaded stance on War was not so polarized. He railed against those who have labeled him a communist or a Saddam supporter, which are unfair labels. He in turn rails against anyone who does not think War is evil and must never be used. His warped Pacifism is befuddling. He claims America is basically an exporter of death and violence by using our military to defend our allies. While I am no fan of George Bush, Rumsfeld, or the Military, but they are not butchers. They are not evil. They generally are honest and are not trying to kill innocents.

I don’t trust Bush’s motives on his timing of War, but I don’t automatically think he is lying about everything. I respect Powell, and I don’t think he will knowingly lie. Making baseless claims that his information is not compelling is just being closed minded. Jay does not like what he hears, so he ignore the information. He cannot refute any of it, beyond doubting it. I just don’t understand how ginning up conflict for his radio programming in this manner can be viewed as entertaining.

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