Friday, February 07, 2003

JazzFest packs up for Detroit
Nero fiddles a bit more while Rome burns a little more. The boycotters are jumping for joy that a festival that mostly blacks participation in is now leaving the city. This event made money for many different sectors of the back community. Small and medium size black owned businesses made money form this event, and the workers at the many downtown business who are largely black and minority made good wages during that weekend. Most non-blacks will really not miss this event. Most non-blacks do not go to the event. The only “mainstream” business sector that will feel the pain of losing the Jazz Fest is the hotels. The minority workers at those hotels who are now will be underemployed that weekend or just not hire will feel more pain than the hotel chains.

What is the sickest element to this whole situation is the pure glee the boycotters take in the misfortune of others. I think they might do themselves some good and see a shrink.

UPDATE: Perspective from Michigan

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