Tuesday, February 25, 2003

County will revise Memorial Hall lease
Phil Heimlich "doesn't want "hate-mongers" to be allowed to use it." Phil wants to keep the boycotters and the Nation of Islam out of Memorial Hall. Here I have a mixed view point. I do not want county property to be used by hate groups, which the Nation of Islam is. I would say the CJC members are hate-mongers, but their group has yet to take a formal hate-based position. I also do not want the government, the county, curtailing free speech. What I do not want to see is the county allow other groups preaching hate to use the facility. I do not want to see Phil's buddies at the CCV to use the facility if the CJC can't. Todd Portune also needs to rethink this quote:"When you talk about the boycotters, there you've got an issue of, I think, pure political speech and not hate speech," he said. I guess Todd has not heard the speech from the Black Fist or the new and defused CJC.

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