Thursday, February 20, 2003

Democrats, not GOP, lacking in diversity (3rd Letter)
Gary Bryson of Sharonville writes to the Enquirer claiming the Democrats lack diversity "because of their adherence to Democratic ideology." Is Gary just that simple to make sure an unintelligent comment? What ideology would Democrats have other than Democratic ideology? I don't know what Democratic ideology is to be blunt. I know there is the progressive wing of the party, the conservative wing, the neo-liberal wing, the unionist wing, and the minority wing. The GOP has the neo-conservative wing, the paleo-conservative wing, and the libertarian wing. Those are all of the main ideologies in both parties. That are not totally complete, but they are a good general breakdown. The Democratic Party has always been a much wider coalition of ideologies than the GOP. I don't think Gary has read much on politics. I would guess he stems from "Themism," where the "them" to Gary are Democrats, and the "us" are Republicans. I think Gary needs to rethink his views. He can veil his desire for a homogenous society where only conformity gets you noticed, but it will not fly.

Gary can cry that Democrats don't share his views on abortion, taxes and affirmative action, but what does that have to do with the lack of minorities in the Ohio GOP? His party has as much conformity on all of those three issues and he should know it. The GOP party's platform is against abortion, for a regressive tax system, and is against most forms of affirmative action. He seems to miss the point of the article. Blacks don't like the GOP for several reasons, but most of all the recent history (last 35 years) it has taken steps to alienate blacks on issue most blacks favor, like affirmative action. This has nothing to do with Democrats getting more votes or not having more people in the State House or General Assembly. The issue is that the members of the GOP in State government are nearly all white and all male, Ken Blackwell, Betty Montgomery, and Jennette Bradley, not withstanding. The Jennette Bradley link surprisingly forwards to a general page. She sure has importance to the GOP if she does not even have her own web page on the State website.

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