Thursday, February 20, 2003

Chris Anderson on Kathy Y. Wilson's column/profile of Monica Williams, a new emerging leader of the increasingly irrelevant CJC. Chris points to a problem that exists in many quarters of the "black activist" movement, the racist until proven innocent mentality. It is taken to the extreme in the "Black Nationalist" movement, where the "white man" is the "devil." I was disappointed with Kathy's column however. It was a portrait of Monica that did not hold back any of Monica's "warts", but Kathy did not render any overt opinion. I would have like to have read more on Kathy's views of what people like Monica are doing to race relations in the city. I believe Monica, and her fellow bigots/racists in groups like the CJC, are as much the cause of race problems in this city as the police.

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