Saturday, February 15, 2003

Local peace groups spreading wings
In the picture accompanying the article there is a picture that reads "War is not the answer." The problem with this and most protests is that they don't provide an answer. They want "peace." I want peace, but how can a country live in peace that is not free? Iraq is not free. They are run by a horrible tyrant. Everyone agrees on this, but protestors have no solution to free the people of Iraq. The only solution proposed by the anti-war side is more inspections and containment. Well, that works in keeping the Iraq regime in check. It also keeps Saddam in power. Inspections and containment will keep Iraq a dictatorship for years to come. It will not change. No Arab country has embraced democracy, and it will take conflict to change that. This impending war has been forced upon America at this point by Bush. It should have been resolved in 1991 by his father, but the UN mandate held him back. The only issue where Bush will fail is in building a new Iraq. Bush is failing now in Afghanistan, providing no aid in his current budget. This is where the only meaningful attacks on Bush lie. Protest Bush's love-em and leave-em policy of war and abandonment, but support the war to liberate Iraq. It is coming no matter anyone wants, so make some lemonade. Do not charge at windmills just because you don't want Bush to be reelected. I don't want that either, but I will not play politics with freedom for a country.

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