Saturday, February 08, 2003

Anti UN bias at FOXNews?
Well Duh, but seriously, currently Kofi Annan, UN Secretary General is speaking live now at William & Mary and CNN and MSNBC are covering the event live, but not FOXnews. Annan was speaking on Iraq while getting an honorary degree. They additional kicker was that both CNN and MSNBC cut their coverage short. I guess they did not hear Anon support the war, so they were not hear what they wanted to hear, and went back to regular tabloid TV.

UPDATE: It appears the speech included a protestor who "heckled" Annan questioning why the UN was not pressuring Israel to disarm as vigorously as it was Baghdad. This AP wire story of the event did not report the disruption, but CNN did report it on air briefly. This Reuter's story included the reference to the heckler.

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