Saturday, February 22, 2003

FOX News Watch Faux Pas
FOX News's Eric Burns made a couple of mistakes that got my ire on today's edition of the FOX News Watch program. I sent an email with my complaint.

In covering the Aaron Sanders, college student columnist, you made two major mistakes. First you failed to include the fact that Aaron is the Chairman of the Miami University chapter of the College Republicans, one of the biggest chapters of that group in the country. Mr. Sanders’ ties to the GOP and his ability to gain the attention of a local columnist and your program are evidence that his motives are at a minimum less than pure journalism. Second you made a more serious mistake. You referred to Miami as the "University of Miami of Ohio." Miami was a University while Florida still belonged to Spain. Coral Gables University may be a fine school, but they do not have the history of Miami University, nor the storied alumni. As an alumnus myself I am often forced to write emails to media outlets and reporters correcting them on this mistake. I do have a bias in the issue, but it might help that you re-read Peter Bronson's Cincinnati Enquirer Column, or better yet my blog post on the issue. What is worse is that Jim Pinkerton, while commenting on the topic, correctly referred Miami as "Miami University." It is difficult for me to praise Mr. Pinkerton, but he earned it in knowing his Miami's.

Brian Griffin
Cincinnati, Ohio
Miami University Class of 1994
I don't think it is "pithy" enough for FOX, so I doubt it will be noticed. This program is entertaining, but it is really biased. It has two conservative partisan columnists and two liberal media analysts. The analysts discuss the quality of the media, while the columnists mostly scream about the "so called liberal media."

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