Friday, February 14, 2003

NPR : 'Iraq: The World Speaks' - An NPR/BBC Joint Production
I sent the following question:

My Question for the discussion is the following: Why are both sides of the War issue using atrocious hyperbole to express their view points? It seems to me that when people scream about the War being about oil are ignorant about American history, foreign policy, and rule of law. They instead just don't like George Bush's politics, which I fully understand, and allow outlandish and ludicrous rhetoric to rule their argument, whiling down playing rational questions of his policy. This happens while the Bush Administration and Conservatives here in the USA panic the country with exaggerated Iraq-terrorist connections stemming from an exploitation of the 9/11 tragedy. It distresses me that both sides play into each other's hands by only using arguments that confirms the opposite side's prejudices and biases.

Brian Griffin
Cincinnati, Ohio

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