Monday, February 10, 2003

3 admit to civil rights violations
These racists should be put away for the full 10 years. I have to agree with Jay Love of 1230 the Buzz when he wondered were the Black Fist was on this case. Why wasn't the Black Fist out protesting and battling the KKK in Kentucky? The Black Fist and their allies claim the KKK is rampant in this area, which is totally false, but this the first incident of this nature I have heard of since I have been living in Cincinnati, about 8 years. I have heard of a score of cases of blacks attacking whites for being white and being in the wrong neighborhood. I know the bigot brigade think this kind of horrible event happens all the time in the city and is covered up, but the truth is that is does not happen often at all. This case is horrible and sympathy should go out to the victims, but this should not be an excuse to label this region as a bastion of racists. It is not, except for a glutton of black racists.

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