Friday, May 24, 2002

Talk Radio or Talk Wrestling?
The latest brainchild from the Vince McMahon of Talk Radio, Darryl Parks is admiting that his station is nothing but a bottom feeding ratings grabber of a radio station. Mr. Parks is Cincinnati AM-Program Manager for Clear Channel and talk show host on WLW-AM. This station tries to be a home for serious news, which is does a good job of covering, but it's content between each 3 minute news report is either an amen session for conservatives or just juvenile farce.

Now, I am sure those are out there saying, "Just turn the Dial" or "Don't whine you damn liberal". I understand what you intend to say, even though you fail to do so. You are saying they can broadcast what they want. I agree they can. I can print my opinion as well. My opinion is that more ludicrous you get, the more you loose credibility.

Cincinnati Enquirer media reporter John Kiesewetter wrote about what I am saying. (linky) On the air today Darryl Parks instead mocked Kiesewetter and his opinion. Parks was trying to be funny, and part of his schtick was funny. The problem is that on his station you don't know what is BS and what is Real unless you listen regularly. When news is important to everyone, which I think is always but now it has become more important, then having a trusted source is necessary. In the Cincinnati area there are no other local radio or Television were you can get "breaking news." That is the fault of both the FCC and Clear Channel, but that is an entire other story.

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