Friday, May 24, 2002

Peter Bronson - Alien Nation
Pete was off on a tangent today. I sent the following email to him about this column:

Mr. Bronson,

In referring to the NY Times and Democrats you claim they are "blaming"
Bush for the 9/11 attacks. You stated: "Like the delusional 'plot' being
promoted by the New York Times, TV networks and Democrats, that President
Bush knew about the attacks on 9-11 and did not warn us. "

Later you included this "But this glue-sniffing fantasy is peddled by
people who know better -- like this sly insinuation by the Times: 'We do
not preclude the possibility that the trail of misjudgment will eventually
lead to the White House.' "

I think you are acting like those who claim when ever they are pulled over
by police, they were "racially profiled". In your case when ever someone
dares to pose questions to the President or his administration's action or
inaction involving the military or intelligence agencies they are

How do you insinuate misjudgment into "blame"? If you going to live by
inference, then one could easily infer that you are a religious fanatic out
to establish fascistic theocracy. Now, just because I used the "f" word
(fascist), don't go ape because you insinuated from my comments I was being

Brian Griffin
Mt. Washington

I got a canned response.

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