Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Another Reason not to Live in Kentucky
A former deputy sheriff, Jeff Morris, of Pulaski County who was running against the current sheriff for the Republican nomination for sheriff of Pulaski County was charged in complicity of the murder of Sheriff Sam Catron, that afore mentioned current sheriff. Of all places to have this story, one has to cross the pond to the BBC for the interesting yet tragic tale. I could bash the GOP and Kentucky a great deal more right now, but I think the mere linkage takes care of all one could hope to gain, which is marginalized on this type of horrible story.

The vote is final for the GOP primary and the results are:
TODD WOOD 8,644 73%
KAY STRINGER 2,885 24%
JEFFERY MORRIS 123 1% *Under arrest for murder of Sam Catron
SAM CATRON 0 0% **Deceased

What were these 123 people thinking?

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