Thursday, May 30, 2002

WLW Midday
Mike McConnell 9 AM to Noon host on 700WLW-AM was upset on this morning’s show with the "media's" lack of coverage of the Alicia Reese issue (Vice Mayor of Cincinnati being investigated), while going nuts about the Erpenbeck Co., a local home builder being investigated for fraud and other crimes. This is a very disingenuous comparison. It seems to be a typical instigation tactic to get the callers jumping up and down mad. The two stories differ for many reasons. The Reese story is old and had no interest, while Erpenbeck's alleged fraud hits home for more news consumers. Mike's claim was that Reese was not being covered because she is black and a female and the media does not like to shed bad light on those groups if "possible". Mike is crying wolf. His complaints have no merit. He is grandstanding for effect, which is driving him closer into the style of the laughing stalk of the radio, Willie Cunningham.

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