Friday, December 10, 2004

Pushy Teenage Preachers

Glad to see this kid admit he was wrong to manipulate teachers to hand out his religious propaganda. He might want to reflect on what his religion says on misleading people into doing what you want. On the other hand, I guess his Mom is happy is just trying to push his religion on others via dishonest means. As longs as they get Jeebus, I guess it doesn't matter how they got there. Infringe on other's rights, mislead them, what ever it takes, just get the 'Lord's' propaganda in the hands and then the garbage cans of as many people as possible.

If this kid wanted to do 'God's' work, why did not take the money he spent on the letter he had created and buy food with that money and donate it to a food bank? Then verbally ask his friends or classmates to do something similar. What a crazy idea, it could actually change someone's life for the better, and he would gain praise from nearly everyone.

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  1. Like the apostle Paul said, milk is for babes, who don't know enough to teach, or preach. You can't teach what you don't know,and being pushy drives people away. A preacher should be well read, and understands the Bible. It's too easy to pervert the Bible out of ignorance, and I hope that was the case here and nothing else.


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