Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Someone Just Hates Cincinnati

I read this at
Walkabout: Some downtown merchants create own problems
A restaurant on Main Street has a torn and filthy awning, and the owners can't understand why business is down. A Vine Street restaurant's employees engage in loud non-stop yapping about their personal lives while a couple try to get through breakfast.

A nearby coffeehouse has an unfriendly clerk who is slow and can't multi-task, and doesn't seem to notice a line of people, some of whom decide to go elsewhere. Sometimes, downtown merchants have no one to blame but themselves.
The website this commentary comes from is run out of Atlanta. Who is the local person writing this type of superficial opinion based on a what believe is a history of hate for the city or at least a desire to see it fail? Would this person have anything to do with the "boycott?" This is the kind of post made on that web site that really needs both an author byline and a perma-link, so it does not just vanish into thin air without anyone to back-up the claims.

Those claims may very well be true. What I don’t understand is that if you are going to attack someone on a “news” site using an editorial, the ethical thing to do is to sign your name to your work.

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