Sunday, December 26, 2004

Over the Top and Over the Edge

Mr. Rick Hines, publisher of, has in my opinion gone over the edge of taste, honor, and credibility. He created special page with an attack on me. I can take criticism of my blog and my writing, but it is amazing how personal this guy has gotten. I criticized his website and he goes ape-shit. I know he is desperate to make every penny he can for his real estate website, but using an attack on me to do so is either an example of an uber-sensative personality or is just someone who wants above all else to create a faux feud in order to get MORE WEB TRAFFIC to his site. He also lied about how many "hits" I get per day, but I will not push that one any more than mentioning it.

What is just funny is his tabloid abuse of the Airport, Comair, and the City of Cincinnati. It would appear Mr. Hines learned more from the National Enquirer than from the Cincinnati Post. I guess a recent flight he took was delayed and he feels the need punish someone and chose to make up stuff. The funniest (but also saddest) point and one where he should list his sources is this from his website:
City gave street cleaning crews the day off

The City of Cincinnati let street cleaning crews take the day off yesterday, even though side streets were filled with 9 to 20 inches of snow. "Looking down sidestreets, it wasn't unusual to see neighbors helping to push stuck cars," said CincyNation's Rick Hines. "The city had gotten off to a slow start on Thursday because employees didn't show for work. Was letting them take Saturday off a reward for their laziness? This is just plain, stunning incompetance in this city.

"Incompetance is a chronic problem in Cincinnati and there seems to be no end in sight. It all comes down to being lazy."

Jeffrey Hines, who lives in Mason, said all streets there were cleared early and he didn't see any problems in that well-maintained city.
Who was his source about the city giving the day off to snow plowers? What was funny and sad is that he quoted himself, yes the supposed another quoted himself. Being a pseudo-journalistic Bob Dole living life in the third person may be normal for Mason, but I think the rest of country could do without that type of silliness.

What I really don't get regarding the means to his ends is that his site is "Specializing in Cincinnati real estate," but if one wants to sell homes/property in Cincinnati, why would you try to drive away potential home/property owners by constantly saying Cincinnati is "Lazy" and sucks and over-hyping everything that happens in the city?

Finally, if Mr. Hines does not like my site, then I suggest he stops reading it, or at least stop posting so many comments. Now, he won't do either, but he especially will not stop posting comments because that is why he is playing this game, more attention. I have said my piece on the subject and I think have exposed his site's shortcomings, so I shall move on. I hope he can too.

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