Sunday, December 05, 2004

GOP Self Congratulations

The GOP is dancing for joy at making a slight gain in the number of blacks voting for Bush. How did they do it? It was rather simple, appeal to anti-homosexual bigotry:
'But we are clearly gaining ground because our platform has placed a specific emphasis on social issues, which appeal to the black faith community,' he said.
When we hear "specific social issues" here in Ohio, we don't need any more detail about what they are talking about. There is a vocal anti-homosexual strain in the black community and it was exemplified by Fred Shuttlesworth. Picking off a few of the wealthy anti-homosexual blacks is like shoot fish in barrel. Invite them in and they go in freely. They fit in like a hotdog in a bun.

I don't believe this group of black Ohio Republicans won Ohio for Bush. They were as needed as every other vote was needed. This is no great feat for the GOP. This group is more conservative than half of the Bush supporters. What keeps them weary of the GOP is the racism and bigotry that still lives in significant numbers in their ranks. These particular blacks can afford to hold their noses with their wallets and stand next to people they might find repugnant. It is no different than the socially Liberal conservatives who gladly took the votes for Bush from theocratic anti-homosexual bigots. The smell of money overpowers the smell of Fascism, I guess.

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