Sunday, December 19, 2004

"We Will Bury You"

Comrade Peter Nikita Bronson has announced to world in his latest column that breaking the rules to push one's religion on others fulfills the Christmas spirit. If you can't give others theocratic oppression, what can you give them?

I am not shocked that Peter will complain when a school does not teach children to follow the rules, but then when a kid breaks a rule he does not like, he writes a column praising the kid for being a thug.

The kid abused the system, broke the rules, and now seeks to gain notoriety by playing Christ in a sick and twisted media show: The Martyrdom of Eric Bast. The made for TV movie will soon be required viewing at every Fundamentalist youth group meeting.

If I was feeling really snarky I would call this kid the poster boy for a new "Hitler-Youth," but that would be way over the top.

I am sure that the Peace Loving people of the People's Republic of Cincinatus will surely push their brand of peace on all of us. General Secretary Burress will lead the way. The Dialetic will prevail. I think I need a shower.

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