Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Police Not Cooperating?

The Federal Monitor has stated that the police are not fully cooperating with the Monitor's staff, including refusing to hand over documents and refusing to allow ride-alongs. The Monitor was established as part of the Collaborative Agreement which included a 5 year police monitoring provision.

Have the police given up on the Collaborative Agreement? Has the CBUF also given up on it? Has everyone just forgotten what the hell it was in the agreement? I know I have. The police and the inner city communities were supposed to start to work together to try and change police and citizen actions. The police policy got the most attention. They have the formal policy to critique. The citizens have no formal policy, but have a basic public duty that should not be that difficult. Don't break the law and if you are witness to someone breaking the law at least help the police if they ask you what you know. We still have an “us vs. them” situation between the police and blacks in this city. The C.A. was to be a hopeful start of a change of that situation. Is it worse or just business as usual? I think we all can see that little has improved.

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