Monday, December 06, 2004

Air America in Cincinnati?

Axinar is reporting that WLW sensationalist Bill Cunningham believes liberal radio network Air America will be coming to Cincinnati, specifically to AM 1530.

I have to say: no way in hell. I think this is a Cunningham stunt or just his usual make-stuff-up-just-to-gain-attention type of comment. What is sad is that I think Cunningham is unable to not act like his on air personality in public anymore. Cunningham I think is just trying to scare anyone he can into fearing, "the liberals are coming."

The fairness doctrine is dead. Conservatives hated it and now they could not stand to have to live by it. The FCC may certainly become a prudish nirvana, but it will not become fair to public access to the airwaves.

Now, Clear Channel may instead be willing to try something radical, like offering real variety in programming. 1530 is owned by Clear Channel and their oldies music may not be making any money, or rather not enough for their desires. Conservative Talk programming actually does have a physical limit at the moment. There are not enough programs to fill up all of the hours of the day on yet another radio station.

I disagree with two points Axinar made on other radio programming in town. I would not call NPR liberal. Air America is liberal. NPR caters to urban taste and culture certainly, but I know many Republicans who regularly listen to it and really like it. NPR is called liberal by hard right conservatives because it caters to urban taste and culture, which they find evil, different, and inpure, which is what they call liberal. Also, while I would agree that the Buzz is a distinct alternative to WLW and the other conservative radio stations around town, I would not call it 24 hours of liberal programming. It has some liberal hosts, but on many issues would not carry the water of mainstream liberals, especially on many social issues. Also, the station has Lincoln Ware in a leadership role and Lincoln is a Republican. A different kind of one, but still in that camp on most issues.

I think Air America would be great for the city. What I don't know is whether it would make money.

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