Wednesday, December 29, 2004

IHOP Review

Went to the new IHOP in Oakley last night for a late dinner. It was good. I think the hype got to me, or my memories of food past did. I would not rank it great, but for late night food after a night at the bars, it is ideal.

UPDATE: I guess I did not give as much detail as some wanted. Hmmmm. They serve 4 types of syrup. I had the French toast, but it was a bit too crisp to be perfect. Since it was new it was spotless inside the restaurant and there was enough staff to there to field a marching band.

The service was fine for an IHOP. The staff was very polite. Almost too polite, which is 100 times better than rude.

In comments Tom asked how IHOP differs from the Waffle House. Well, IHOP is just a down-to-earth Perkins. The Waffle House puts the grease in greasy spoon, plus they serve grits.

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