Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Channel 64 News: 1 Year Old

Rick Bird reports on the one year birthday of The WB64 News at 10. I have only watched it to get a general feeling early on and mostly saw stock stories or weepies from the local reporters. It was more of the same old local TV news, with stale national headlines as worthless as yesterday's NY Post added to cut costs. Once the Sinclair Broadcasting bias hit full "elect-Bush" mode, I refused to watch. I welcome competition and more voices in the media, but I am not watching it. I don't really watch any local TV news, because in case you missed the obvious, local TV News sucks everywhere in the country. It sucks because it is not broadcast journalism, it is entertainment no different than Fear Factor or Friends.

Besides that, what does everyone think of it, one year later?

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  1. anytime you have an option leave it open and support it! We are ending up with too many media outlets owned by each other so our options are not there! And have you noticed that only 2 stations did not run down to Texas? Come on, did we need crews from Cincinnati in Texas? We needed LOCAL news coverage HERE!


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