Sunday, December 12, 2004

Liberal Radio Takes Shape in Cincinnati

Rick Bird, with his excellent Jacor connections, gives a rundown of the line-up that will be hitting the air waves on what will likely be called 1530 WCKY.

9 AM to Noon: Jerry Springer
Noon to 3 PM: Al Franken
3 PM to 6 PM: Ed Schultz

Other possible Air America hosts/shows that could make it on are:
6 AM to 9 AM: The Morning Sedition with Mark Riley and Marc Maron
3 PM to 7 PM: Randi Rhodes
7 PM to 10 PM: The Majority Report with Janeane Garofalo and sam Seder
10 PM to 1 AM: Mike Malloy

There are other liberals and moderates out there, but likely these will be the main choices, unless they go for locally based shows. They have plenty of Clear Channel liberals doing music and such, so maybe we'll find another new personality to counter the other Clear Channel mouths on WLW. I vote for Duke Sinatra.

If you want to listen to what this will likely be like, check out WTPG in Columbus.

What I wonder, will Mike McConnell and Jerry Springer ever do any simulcast programs where they go head to head in a debate?

Also, who will do the news on the new 1530? FOX?

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