Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Traffic Tickets Off Website

The Clerk of Courts has removed images of traffic tickets from the county clerk's website.

This action on the surface appears like a good short term solution to the problem of identity theft. A long term solution would be to change who is allowed to access the whole website. All of the records are open to the public and should stay open to public, but I think it is fair that in order to gain access to such records, you should simply have to make your own identity known to the Clerk's Office. The same thing could be done online if the Clerk's Office required registration before use of the site. The Clerk should keep who accesses the website secret, unless a subpoena is issued for such information.

I don't think the cost of a registration system would be very high. The software should be available right off the self. We could still surf for our neighbor's or political foe's skeletons, but we could be traced if we did something illegal with the information. Are there wholes in the system, likely yes, but this closes most of them.

UPDATE: More from the Post.

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