Saturday, November 27, 2004

You Scratch My Blog, I'll Scratch Yours

First a thank you to Beryl Love for a mention in his CiN Weekly Editor's Note.

Second I must complement the CiN Weekly Staff blog for doing a good job. The thing that makes a blog flourish and that is difficult for all of what I call professional blogs (like those at MSNBC or the Plan Dealer) is updating often. I would do much more updating if I had a hot rich wife to sponge off of, but alas I trudge on.

I am very pleased with the blog. It is funny, it has a voice, or should I say a group of voices, and it is indeed a "real" blog. I would guess that news or information that I might print, would not end up in a post there. Reasons are that 1) I do more politics and in your face punditry, 2) They do a culture publication not meant to directly compete with the Metro Section of the Enquirer.

What I like most is the person angles taken. That is part of what makes blogging its own medium. That makes me continue to read it and why I have added it to my blogroll. I have had a CiN link in with local media sites since last year, but this I think deserves inclusion into the local blogoshere.

I can offer one bit of constructive criticism on the blog. I would advise including the same side bar on the front page of CiN on the staff blog. This is the side bar with links to the staff page, about page, etc. Having an "RSS" feed would also get you in good with the hardcore blog crowd who use "news readers" like Bloglines.

The best thing the mention in the editorial gave me was something to bring to Thanksgiving Dinner at my sister's. I had a conversation starter and could use it as a shield in discussions of why I am not married, don't have kids, and don't have a "better" job. For that I truly thank Beryl. He has no idea how much that helped. It even helped in part with avoiding talking about politics, if you can believe it.

UPDATE: Sledge points out that there is an RSS feed for the CiN Blog. I did not search deep enough. Thanks to Matt for that.

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