Sunday, November 07, 2004

Bill Cunningham is a Scumbag

Ratings whore Bill Cunningham is a jerk, but even I did not think he was this bad:
From the November 3 edition of The Sean Hannity Show:

HANNITY: They're gonna think they weren't vitriolic enough. They're gonna think they weren't mean enough and they're gonna go out there and do the same thing: Attack, attack, attack, undermine troops and the president during a time of war and that is not gonna get them elected anywhere.

CUNNINGHAM: Well, it's over because Elizabeth Edwards has now sung.

HANNITY: Oh, you know, you're cruel.

CUNNINGHAM: [Laughter]

HANNITY: No, be nice, will ya? Where -- we gotta be gracious in victory.
Cunningham should be fired. I hope Darryl Parks was listening. I am sure this will just him a raise, because no stunt is to low for WLW. This even made Hannity uncomfortable. This on the same day she is diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

[Via MediaMatters]


  1. bill was calling it as it is he is a great american

  2. I go with the first opinion: Cunningham is a loudmouth scumbag.


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