Monday, November 15, 2004


The "battle" for the city council seat being vacated by Pat DeWine has started a wave of discussion and trepidation over who will take over that seat. Logic dictates that the Republican who got the next highest number of votes in the last election would become the obvious choice. That would be Leslie Ghiz. Some are doing everything to try and stop that from happening.

Peter Witte wants the seat, and every time the crime is mentioned in the media he likely is jumping with joy.

Phil Burrass wants the seat so every time abortion or homosexuals are mentioned he is gets exited, but then remembers he has to get someone to pick Barb Trauth, his surrogate.

Nate Livingston wants the seat too, but I think he understands that the GOP wouldn't pick him in a million years. Neither would any other political party for obvious reasons, but that part has not sunk in and stopped him from a diatribe against Leslie Ghiz.

Nick Spencer has the most honest commentary on what is going on in the battle for DeWine's seat: it is the bigoted wing of the GOP pushing its campaign of fear. Bigot is of course my word of choice, not Nick's. I said honest here because Nick comes from the GOP and knows what he is talking about.

We also get a hint of who is or might be running for Council: Nick, Leslie and Brian Gerry are in. Brinkman may also be in? Zeus help us! Fanon Rucker and Greg Harris would both get on council in a heart beat and are being courted heavily. Any other names of those who are possible council candidates?

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