Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Nick's Picks

Nick Spencer has posted his ideal city council:
  1. Me (well, come on, what did you expect?)
  2. Fanon Rucker (probably not interested, but he would be great)
  3. Laketa Cole (exceptional constituent service, great on Neighborhoods)
  4. Jim Tarbell (Commitment to the Center City and the Arts)
  5. Dave Crowley (Impeccable Character, Strong Record of Service)
  6. Leslie Ghiz (smart, likeable, easy to work with)
  7. Damon Lynch III (some really good ideas, represents the unheard voices of our city)
  8. Pete Witte (not as bad as you might think, though he has his moments. A working class guy who cares about development and safety)
  9. John Connelly (a sincere person with interesting ideas, though I certainly don't agree with many of them).
Now who does Nick leave off off the current list: Sam Malone, David Pepper, Alicia Reece, John Cranley, Chris Smitherman, and Pat Dewine.

Now DeWine got elected to the county commission, so I don't know if Nick would have left him off or not. Pepper and Reece are both likely running for Mayor. Cranley has been toying with something similar but, likely will not. The real losers are Smitherman and Malone. Smitherman gets the special knock because he and Nick both ran on the Charter ticket. Nick is a moderate Replublican and Smitherman is a Democrat, which makes the Charter label rather limited in material impact, but Smitherman has lost some significant support amongst moderates for his defense of extremist boycotters (B and some A's). Malone is a Burress Bigot, so no shock there.

I don't think I could fill out a full slate yet, but I know who on Nick's list I would not vote for: Lynch, Witte, and Connelly.

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