Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Fear and the Stockholm Syndrome

Well, it ends, and it ends badly. Fear won over hope. Hate will be viewed as a strength. A bully is what people think they want, because a bully has captured them and holds their egos hostage. People’s egos were damaged and vulnerable and ripe for attack. BushCo made that attack and won. They have grown to worship their dear leader, their captor with a kind of blind faith that one can only described as delusional.

We are headed into what history I believe will call the American Dark Age. The world will hate us more, which believe it or not is actually possible. The poor will be forgotten. The wealthy will be rewarded for just being wealthy. Science will be devalued and in some cases be outlawed. Freedom to conform will replace the freedom to be an individual. We are now under the thumb of theocratic George who will succeed in taking away the rights of Americans (especially women, non-Christians, and the poor).

What people should be prepared for is WAR.

WAR, WAR, and WAR.

We will have war for the next four years. We will have thousands of Americans killed and tens of thousands of innocents killed. Iran, Syria, North Korea, and even the West Bank.

The right-wing fascists are out for revenge and they will be taking it. I don’t just mean the few commenters on here who will, and have, gleefully gloated about their dictator winning. If I were to be snippy I would call this 1934 Germany, but I am not that extreme, it's just the venom speaking.

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