Friday, November 05, 2004

He Loves Bigots!

Tim at "Blurredbrain" seems to be a bit upset that I and other liberals are pissed off at his loved ones for voting for a bigot and either voting for the oppression of human beings (gay marriage ban) or accepting the support of those people in their quest to kill more Muslims before Saddam's grandchildren can build WMD and put them in a missile and launch it at the lower 48.
Scared by democrats
The fact is that small-d democrats have begun to worry me. I remember in the lead up to the 1992 election, I was in High School and a friend of mine, who was a staunch democrat, and I would go round and round about the various candidates. But though we would take cheap shots at each other the level of rivalry never approached hatred. Now when I look at various democratic outlets I see nothing but hatred for my friends, family, neighbors, and yes me. These democrats scare me. They call people I love and enjoy hanging around the most despicable of names. They legitimately believe 51% of the country are monsters. I don't want anyone these people support to be elected. And so I vote, and cheer Republican.
Sorry if the truth scares you Tim. If you voted for Issue 1 in Ohio, yes I think you are a bigot, and obviously you would be. If you don't think so, frankly I don't care, you can live in denial all you wish. Fact is fact, and bigotry is not hidden in Issue one. If you did not vote for said issue, then you surely voted for a man (Bush and maybe other Republicans) who supports that issue and more ideas like it. You put greed and your lust to kill Muslims over protecting human rights. What a great choice that was.

If it scares you that I point out your personal flaws, then I can only say GOOD! Maybe you will change your ways and stop pretending that it is ok to put human rights on the back burner and stop thinking killing Muslims will quell the PTSS you and many others on the surface illustrate with your irrational notion that going after Iraq has anything to do with fighting terrorism. Two things come to mind: Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. If you want to get rid of terrorism, you might want to invade those countries instead of Iraq. If you don't like that people are pissed at you for your voting choice, then I suggest you do not tell anyone who you voted for and refrain from talking about politics. Also, please tell me what really scares you about anything I said? I have said nothing that should scare anyone, maybe shamed people with a conscience, but that is about it.

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