Tuesday, November 16, 2004

So Much For a Settlement

Mike Allen has counter sued Rebecca Collins. He has come out and is laying on the sleaze. This may help Mike's chances of winning the lawsuit or of getting a better settlement deal, but it solidifies that he had a long term affair and is one big ass liar who really had no commitment to his wife.

Allen does make Collins look really bad. He is using the slut defense and it likely will work to a large degree.

What is laughable is Mike playing the victim. His wife is a victim. He is a man who cheated on his wife. That is a low position in society and his claims that he was ruined by Collins are all bullshit. He is responsible for his downfall. He may have a case that her legal claims have no merit, but his have even less validity than hers.

The legal brief reminds me of the Star report with details of Collins’ alleged sexual escapades. There are even emailed pictures too. It just has a cheap feel to it, and frankly both Allen and Collins come across like cheap tramps.

More Coverage: Post, WCPO, WLWT, AP, and WKRC.

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