Sunday, November 07, 2004

Bronson: Bite Me

Sorry Peter, I for one will not now or will I ever worship at the alter of Bush where you perform your best journalistic fellatio.

If you expect us to love your president, then you are smoking pot again. It has been almost 4 years since Clinton left office Peter and you still blame him for everything. By the way you have lost your privilege of blaming any Democrat for anything bad that happens on a national scale. Everything will now be Bush's and the Rest of the Republican’s fault, so don't even try blaming Clinton for it. Bush has had all the chance he needed to change the "bad" things in government and foreign policy, so don't even try it. If you do, I will be sure to make sure everyone know you are doing what you blame us for doing, in other words: Get over Clinton.

Also Peter, your team is the hate crowd. I know you think you are loving gays when you oppress them with Issue 1 and your groups that try to "Convert" them, but no matter how much you delude yourself, you are still pushing hate and are.....

wait for it.......

a bigot.

The hate used to stir up fear is what many are calling the real "winning" issue. That is the, you know, kill Muslims attitude that is becoming common place. That is the fear and hate that was created and focused by BushCo in his quest to exploit the 9/11 events to his full advantage. What is more hateful: using a desire for revenge as a catalyst for war or using 3,000 dead people to get elected? I guess 100,000 dead people is not enough to quell the blood lust. This week we are likely to ad to that death toll, as well as the American Toll grows.

Peter, we are never going to agree on a damn thing and Bush does not want agreement, what he wants is assent. He ran on division and will do what he wants without consideration of any Democrat. This President has no intention of acting in my best interest or to fight for the ideas I believe in. He therefore will never get my assent. I shall never stand silently and let the man destroy the county I live in, that destruction which began back in 2001. I don’t know why anyone thinks anyone like myself would ever go quietly into the night. Culture War was declared and in my little way here on my blog I will be waging it right back in BushCo’s and his minion’s face.

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