Sunday, November 14, 2004

The Rest of the Story Bronson's Not Telling You

After a reader checked up on the Bronson post below I found I did not link to the right story and got the wrong location of where the GOP Challenger became the poll worker. Here is the except from the election day story Howard Wilkinson (a real political reporter) posted online:
As of mid-day, there was only one report of trouble.

At the Holy Name Church Parish House in Mount Auburn, where two overwhelmingly Democratic and African-American precincts vote, a person who was to have been a GOP vote challenger was named at the last minute to fill a vacant position as one of the regular Republican precinct judges who are always on hand to monitor voting.

Voters and vote monitors complained that the GOP precinct judge was questioning every voter about his or her address and "being a jerk about it," Burke said.

Burke and Tony Reisig, a Republican administrator at the board of elections, were dispatched to the Mount Auburn polling place to talk to the poll worker.

"We made it clear that if he did not stop, he would be pulled out," Burke said.
This reads as the same location from Bronson's column:
The fender-bender was at Precinct 8A, the Holy Name Church in Mount Auburn. There were complaints of intimidation - but not by voters in the mostly black, Democratic precinct. The protests came from two white Republican poll workers.
Ah, WRONG PETER! There were complaints from that polling location and the question that I will safely speculate on is that one of the two people you got your story from was the person in question who became a poll worker at the last minute and was the source of the complaints referenced in the Wilkinson article. So when I say Bronson is a GOP Shill, I think people can see where I am coming from. Will we see a revision on this story? Don’t bet on it. Will we see another story about, like a follow-up from Wilkinson, I doubt it. Will anyone from the editorial staff of the Enquirer even notice it and chew out Bronson? I know, I know, I am laughing at the thought it myself.

Now, even if by some odd chance there was yet another GOP person at the that location that the people from Bronson's article forgot to mention, that takes nothing away from a polling location where someone took their vote challenger status and poll worker status to be one in the same. I guess that is somehow worse than people getting help on how to vote. We all are expect to read an all, now aren't we? [Insert Jim Crow reference here in case you missed it]

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