Monday, November 08, 2004

This Is the Day the 'Lord' Hath Made

The same BIGOT (big enough?) who brought you Issue 1 is now making threats against companies for supporting civil rights in the form of Issue 3. Phil and his fascist theocrats can do what they want. Boycotts rarely work. They might be looking at how Sinclair Broadcasting was brought to its knees by some liberal bloggers. Phil is cocksure, blindly bigoted, hateful, and not filled with much foresight if he think he can tangle horns with P&G on morals and win. This wanna-be Joe McCarthy is hated by many, even some porn loving conservatives, and with this stupid tact he may be the first victim of blow back in the culture wars. Over reach is what some conservatives are warning against and this is their first chance to show if they have balls.

I therefore am waiting to see how many Bush supporters out there who are disgusted by Burress will do more than just mumble under their breath at him and finally take action against a man who used hate and bigotry to get your candidate elected.

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