Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Warren County Terrorism Capital of Ohio

A couple weeks or so ago the Enquirer editorialized on Warren County's overkill on election night. They outed the man who choose to lock out reporters from the board of elections:
The lockdown apparently was done at the recommendation of Frank Young, the county's emergency services director, who said he got information from an FBI agent during a conversation about general Election Day threats that made him think Warren County could be a terrorism target. According to South, the county was ranked 10 on a 1-to-10 threat scale.
We don't know if Frank Young is just hypersensitive or if the unnamed FBI agent was over reaching.

Brendan of spacetropic pointed out that Carl Rove referred the Warren county as "key bellwether political district in the country." I just don't see how a county could be a bellwether when it's vote was so lopsided. Bush won 72.06% to Kerry's 27.58%. This might be a place where Rove thinks he has found fertile Bush ground, but this is hardly a place that shows any National trends.

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