Sunday, November 28, 2004

Ignorance Lives in the Hearts of Fundies

Larry Redwine, hopefully a one time guest columnist of the Enquirer, pens a letter to the editor with an opening filled with falsehoods based on ignorance:
Candidates judged by their world view

Whether it's Christianity, Islam, or the faith-based religion of atheism, knowing a political candidate's world view is critical in making a sound decision before entering the voting booth. Granted, because some, like John Kerry this past election, get that 'olde time religion' just about election time, we must weigh their professed religious beliefs with their political record. It can most certainly be said, however, that a person's world view is going to influence the decisions they make on the job, whether it's as a business operator, shop worker or politician.
Larry Redwine, Maineville
Larry's worldview has Jesus colored glasses where he can't define much outside that which he can't understand. Atheism is not a religion. A religion requires the belief in a supernatural entity or entities. That belief, or beliefs, or set of beliefs, or system of beliefs in a god or gods or supernatural entity or supernatural creator(s) can and does very across the spectrum of religion. Atheism is not on that spectrum. To use an old cliche, atheism is no more a religion, than baldness is a color of hair. Atheism is a belief, but a belief that no such supernatural entities exist; it is not based on "Faith" in the same terms applied to religious beliefs. I don't have faith that gravity works. I don't have faith that quarks exist. Calling atheism a religion is common mistake made by religious zealots. It is

When he attacks John Kerry's religious beliefs he does so out of total ignorance. John Kerry did not just come to religion around election time. Kerry is a religious person. Kerry is not a bible thumping idiot, and that is likely one negative Larry Redwine saw in Kerry.

What is sad is that Larry believes in a religious litmus test for who he votes for. He says it in a very politically correct manner, but it still is there. Larry would not vote for someone without a ?Christian? world-view. I don't know what that is supposed to be, but to Larry I can guess it falls in line with far right social beliefs and maybe right-wing economic beliefs. I don't have a problem with a person voting for who they agree with on political issues, that is the essence of democracy. What I have a problem with is when that person views his religion and his political views as one in the same. I have no religion, so Larry would judge me at a minimum in a negative way, if not worse. I could share 99% of his political viewpoints, but he would never vote for me if I were to run for office. (No, I am never running for office, just making a rhetorical point here) That is a difference between his world view and mine. I don't care if you practice a religion or not. I will defend your right to practice your religion. I may find your religion to be pointless, a waste of time, oppressive, or a danger to its adherents. I will speak out against it if I feel it is wrong (as I am doing now), but I would never outlaw it or try and establish a religion or make religious law into state law. Larry I think would do the opposite. He would use the government to promote his particular religion and would use the law to enforce his religious dogma on the public, as was done with Issue 1 here in Ohio. I believe he would try or is trying to establish a national or state religion.

I wonder if Larry has ever had any involvement with the CCV or Phil Burress. Would he join Phil?s Army? Has he already joined it?

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