Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Someone Gets Leis

In a letter to the Enquirer we read:
Sheriff's response to chase heartless

In regard to 'Sheriff: Chase was right call' (Nov. 13): So Sheriff Simon Leis sees nothing wrong with chasing after a kid stealing gas that results in a woman's death. 'There could have been a body in the trunk' is his response. Sure, and there might have been a car bomb in the trunk, too, but highly doubtful. Wearing a 'tin star' doesn't condone such egregious overreaction that ends in an innocent bystander's death. The sheriff's self-serving, heartless and totally out-of-touch response condoning the officer's movie car-chase mentality strongly indicates why he has outlived his usefulness to Hamilton County.

John Gunselman
Anderson Township

I hope John is a Republican. Only Republicans can get J. Edgar HooverSimon Leis to quit.

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